What? Are you talking to me? Hopefully the following pages of ideas and examples will help make the clear answer a yes. Life sends us messages in a myriad of ways. For understanding Life’s language, we need to awaken an art that we have forgotten; the Art of listening to Life.

Adventure of the Soul is Joseph’s third book, although it is his first book available in English. It is an in-depth look at understanding the creative process that is behind the adverse situations and circumstances that enter our lives and provides vital and powerful clues for making sense of what is happening.

When we ignore our own inner wisdom, life sends us messages. If the initial messages are missed or ignored, then they can become intense callings that manifest themselves in a more powerful way, through injury and disease. Finding the message in these occurrences is what he calls collecting the gift. It is a process of awakening, which can free us and heal us from pain and suffering.

We are the creative artists of our life and of our physical body. It is in part unconscious, given that nobody would consciously create pain or disease in their life. However understanding that we are the creators of the scenario that we call life, is crucial to getting aligned with it. When we are aligned with our path and purpose, we experience a smoother ride.

Welcome to the Adventure!

Joseph Soler

Joseph Soler was born in Barcelona. He got his MBA in business administration and became a successful businessman. His life was impacted severely with a chronic shoulder pain that was diagnosed as incurable. That led him to study several Eastern Philosophies such as Chinese Medicine, Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism and Meditation. His studies and travels lead him to healing his chronic shoulder pain, which disappeared without a trace. Joseph went on to write down his finding on the connection between our body and the life that we are leading.

Joseph has now dedicated over 20 years of his life to understanding and sharing the creative process that life is. His first book was written in collaboration with Eric Rolf, who had developed a system called the Secret Code of the Body. Their collaboration is called “Medicine of the Soul”, which became a best seller in Spanish, with over 100,000 copies sold.

His studies of the Neurosciences helped him develop new understandings, which integrate the soul into the practice of mind-body medicine. He is also a collaborator with Universities in Spain and Chile.

Marcus Dupuis

Marcus Dupuis is the translator and narrator of the book. Joseph and Marcus have had a long friendship and found themselves working in the same field and having the same understanding of how to decipher Life’s messages and how to connect with our Soul purpose, in an effort to achieving a smoother life journey. They are working together in delivering their message.

Marcus is in charge of the North American presence of Adventure of the Soul. There will be two and three day workshops offered and Marcus is available to speak at public events, conferences and conventions. Please contact us for more information.